Welcome to the best dog day care in Sydney! We have plenty of room for the dogs to run around, dedicated trainers and handlers with them all day ensuring the fun and safety for everyone.

At FDS, we are professionally and personally committed to giving your dog the very best of care. Supervised socialisation by our professional dog handlers and trainers. Dog training and grooming services. Everything we offer at FDS is designed to prioritise canine enrichment and support well-adjusted, happy dogs. 

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The Day It Rained Tennis Balls!


WANT YOUR DOG TO HAVE FUN AND SOCIALISE? For Dog’s Sake really is for your dog’s best. Our caring, professional staff is here to make sure your best friend is well taken care of. See what sets our  dog day care apart, come in for a behavioural assessment and tour, or ask us about booking a trial session for your dog.

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GROUP CLASSES OR PRIVATE TRAINING!  Luckily, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Whatever the problem and whatever their age, our trainers are here to help. From non-stop barking and lead reactiveness to basic manners, we offer professional positive training for you!

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DOES YOUR DOG NEED A SUMMER CUT? OR JUST A TIDY? Our experienced groomer can handle anything from a puppy’s first nail clip to show dog grooming. Always dog friendly service, and why not have a little play date at our dog day care too?


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Our group training classes are now accepting enrolments for 2017Follow the links below to secure your spot.